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WhatsUp Gold überwacht zu jeder Zeit von jedem Ort zentral Ihr gesamtes Netzwerk und informiert Sie beim Auftreten von Problemen in Echtzeit
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WhatsUp Gold 2017


Immediate visibility with comprehensive discovery

It all starts with advanced discovery capabilities that identify everything connected to your network and automatically apply out-of-the-box or custom device roles to dramatically accelerate monitoring setup.


WhatsUp2017 1


WhatsUp2017 2

End-to-end network health at a glance

WhatsUp Gold 2017 provides a new way of visualizing and interacting with your entire IT environment. This unique interactive map quickly shows your end-to-end network health, providing the context of how everything is connected and dynamically responds to interactions to give you the fastest time-to-answers


Dynamic, interactive workspace

The visualization can be dynamically filtered to gain immediate insight into your physical, virtual and wireless networks as well as their dependencies. See the big picture of your entire environment or focus in on Windows, virtual, or wireless resources.  Zoom in to drill down to details on specific areas or devices. Or zoom out to see what you are working on in big-picture context. Customize the map to display your environment geographically (on a map or floor plan), by category (by connection, application or traffic type) or any other layout you can imagine.

WhatsUp2017 3


Fix problems fast with end-to-end visibility

WhatsUp Gold 2017 lets you view your entire physical, virtual and wireless infrastructure and their interdependencies in context directly fromthe interactive map. Click on any device to get immediate access to a wealth of related monitoring settings and reports. The result is simpler, more intuitive troubleshooting that lets you find and fix problems faster than ever.

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Proactively monitor with intuitive dashboards and workflows

Proactively monitor networks, traffic, physical servers, VMs and applications with powerful and easy-to-use maps, dashboards and alerts.

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Accelerate root cause analysis

WhatsUp Gold 2017 streamlines workflows by letting you initiate management tasks directly from the interactive map. Easily switch between physical, virtual, wireless and dependency views to accelerate root cause analysis.

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